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 Post subject: Re: 30 col winning move (theoretically)
PostPosted: 16 Oct 2007, 06:16 

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a few notes. when DF gets arm done, give it to SF, so he can upgrade fighters, but till then... it's freaking level 0 fighters till 9 min or so...

also, the SF guy might be targetted since thats the only cap ship he owns to live, so, if things look bad and somehow dd are out of place or something to screw that cc, either DF passes a cc to SF or SF just passes his cols to DF/TDO and the rest of little ru SF has and just quit the game, it doesn't hurt much since it doesn't mean to lose any cols, and TDO can pump a single cc anytime and it can contiune on without much damage. oh but.. except the amount of dd is now limited to only just 10! :lol: so, in that case, playing this with 3 players mean something...

--- smaller map variation ---

this one prolly has to be as big as cb to work, or otherwise, early rush and 'kthxbye dd popped but we have 0 cols left' game. so, i think all the frig and fighter dudes need to go triple fighters first and just try to avoid fighting till the dd pops. in that case, the front guys have enough ru to get fighter upgrade with a res mod of one's own and get pulsors if necessary. triple fighters should be as good as going against quad fighters on other side, since front guys will make 4 extra cols and pumps out fighters quite early. of course, until other side does 0/1 fighter gay rush... maybe mass plat defend...

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 Post subject: Re: 30 col winning move (theoretically)
PostPosted: 10 Dec 2007, 00:50 
Evil Soul

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Bump. Here's the latest detailed build for the 30 coll Tripple DD. This is more of a solid strat than the frig version simply cause u have more swarm. lol The frig version is just too easy to counter cause u could easily get swarmed, then the enemy can flee their base, torp your base, and go 'na'na'na'. :lol: You can also jump in 2 minutes faster in this version if u need to. So its also gonna be tough as hell to counter this by staying home and building up, cause 3xdd at 6:30 are gonna hurt bad.

30 coll Tripple DD, tripple swarm
*note that this can be done on small maps if u only get 1 mob and keep your 3cc's over the other patches. But if your facing guys that typically start with 6x figher mods then u should go double dd, quad swarm instead since u can switch to tripple dd later.
-DoubleFighter pos1, TrippleDestroyerOwnage pos2, SingleFighter pos3.
-Take four patches, the three main patches + SF guy moves cc to his secondary 'shared' patch.

ms: cap fac, 1 scout, 1 coll
cc: 3 cols
ms: cap fac, 1 scout, 1 col
cc: 3 cols
ms: res mod and que cap fac, 2 colls
cc: 2colls
move cc to middle of map imediately

pass cc when colls are done to TDO, recieve it back
once TDO returns your cc, pass him your ms
pass ms when cap is done to TDO
once TDO gives u his cc, pass him your cc and get it back
start dd res
pass ur cc to DF
then return cc's passed to you
move back ms's towards pos 2

get an mob and a fighter mod on cc
give 3 colls to DF and 3 cols to TDO
-your cc stays at base to provide quick counter solutions for torps, and docking options for swarm (put it over pos3 main patch)
get 2 mob's and 2 fighter mods on cc's once returned
que a gw on the front most cc after fighter mod finishes
-walk cc's across map

start adv on other cc, u gotta get lv2 int fast
once lv2 int is started, pass adv to TDO for lv2 dd
pass all your lv2 int to TDO and have SF guy pass you his int to upgrade them, SF guy doesn't do any research
once the dd are half done, start a hyper mod and a cloak mod
*if enemy is building up and going bc jump at 6:30 with 3dd rdy to pop (pause dd till u have ru to jump)
*if enemy tries to counter with bombers, swarm and torps, stack 6dd and don't jump till 9:00, and possibly spill 1 dd to defend against torps.
Do the rest of owning.

As long as u have real smart players at the helm of this strat, that can manage the swarm skillfully (gotta be good at emp dodging too), u got a solid shot at ownage.

Ur best bet at countering this is to go somin-like fast quad fighters plus emp and win the swarm quick, while moving one cc with a gw to the center of the map to block me from just jumping my 3ms directly to you. The 3rd guy can go double torp - or possibly stick with a bc build. Also, If I try to angle jump my ms at your base, u can just flee to the outside patches and torp my base - i'll have no ru, and no swarm - gg.


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