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 Post subject: triple 3 min hypertorp [omfg u cheat!]
PostPosted: 26 Aug 2007, 16:34 

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this is probably the most advanced variation from the 20col arm rush, which would only do double 4 min torp and hyper cap following but that can be done with 2 people as well, so quite handy for some fast killing in a 2v2. this one is only for 3v3 and has to be strictly 1 vay + 2 hig.

this is yet to be completely optimized and i somehow feel the people behind the lab are semi pissed for me writing it out already but i line it out briefly. though i dont even know it into the most detail...

since vaygr res mod is that cheap and fast to build, vaygr starts getting one. at the same time, hig starts getting his own res mod, so later on the vaygr fs can be returned and don't have to rely on it for a long time. hig's dont expand to secondary patches.

when vaygr res mod is built, it goes to 1 of the hig. the hig then starts making a frig mod on cc while ms is still building res mod. the other hig passes his ms and cc one by one to the hig with vaygr fs and gets them back 1 by 1. so he has the ability to build frig mods on both.

once hig's res mod is built, return vay fs and his cc will get a hyper mod after frig mod is built. just pump 3 torps around 3 min, send them in. the torps should be passed to the person with improved torp research done. then, just build advanced res on the ms after hig res mod is built, start pumping advanced frigs and hyper in. vaygr can just make fighter/emp to help.

as i did it couple of times, the ru does lag. and our torp landed at 3-45 or some such lame time... so, amount of col and time to build them and order of build as well as when to pause what needs to be checked out properly.

i may hide further details 8-) till we pwn every clan out, people can optimize as they like...but its possible to do this.


the good thing about this strat is... other side just has to stop the torps badly with whatever they can get. since torping back would work quite less since vaygr can easily make bombers to counter it, unless fighters follow torps. which means, early grav and bombers without making too many cols. and they need more than just a few bombers. which isnt too hard to stop if you do scout proper, but scouting or probing too late is gonna be a deadly blow finding out every player having a torp on their patch. then when they wasted ru on grav and made fighter mods while running cols, they will face fighter+emp and quad advanced frig rush. which is kinda hard to stop by just bombers...

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 Post subject: Re: triple 3 min hypertorp [omfg u cheat!]
PostPosted: 15 Sep 2008, 04:27 
Evil Soul

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So a year latter after the move has had some good historic games - clo/ao/fin perfect it in some labs today. Key differences over the old build: I've opted for a super fast adv, instead of focusing on getting the vay cap back to its owner quickly. A slow adv means were just sitting back racking up ru, and not really following up the torp attack anytime soon. Vay swarm will be less early on, but we should have plenty of flak to handle anything they throw at us (since flak is woot! fast thanks to a vay res mod unlocking a hiig adv). Also, the vay res mod is going to the double torp guy now for faster torping. So the double torp guy will get to start frig mods asap, instead of having to wait for the mods to be unlocked by the single torp guy.

3 Torps finish at 2:45
3 Torps jump at 3:00
3 Torps land at 3:15
adv finishes at 4mins(ish)
4x adv frig hypercap jumps at about 4:45 (ish) w/ a cloak mod and some flaks already in docks.
Vay guy gets his ms back and starts building on it at 4:45 (ish), and has emp up to the battle to help around 6mins. (Emp is the key to disabling lazer counters.)

pos2=vay guy
pos1=double torp guy
pos3=single torp/adv guy

Pos2 gets res mod and 1 coll on ms, then passes 1500ru and his ms to pos1 guy. Then he builds a scout and some colls on cc, passes ru as needed, and gets a fighter mod on his cc latter on. Once he gets his ms back at about 430, he makes lots of emp and then ac to support hiig guys.

Pos1 guy makes 1 coll on cc, and 1 coll + 1mob on ms. He then moves ms/cc towards pos3. Once vay ms w/ res mod is recieved from vay guy, starts a frig mod on his ms and cc. Pos3 guy will pass u his ms, u pass it back - then his cc, u pass it back. Now start a hyp mod on your cc, and then make 1 torp on each cap ship. Once torps finish jump them to the enemy. Then start building a cloak mod on ur cc and ask for ru as needed. At 4mins is, pos3 will pass you his cc w/ adv mod, pass it back to him. Start building flak, stack one or two in each capital ship. Once pos3 guy finishes a frig mod on his cc, pass the vaygr ms back to pos2. Wait for pos3 to jump, then ask for ru as needed to make jump to enemy base as well.

Pos 3 guy makes 1 coll on cc and 1 on ms. Moves cc to second patch, and moves ms to point towards pos1. Pass ms to pos1 after coll finishes, once its returned, build a frig mod on it. Now pass your cc to pos1 and when its returned build an adv mod on it. Make a few more colls and two mobs (can someone post how pos3 did their coll build plz). Make torp on ms once frig mod finishes. Jump the torp to enemy. Once adv finishes on ur cc, pass it to pos1 and get it back, now make a frig mod on ur cc and start stacking flak in your ms. Once frig mod finishes on cc, ask for ru as needed to jump caps to enemy. Pos3 does all the frig upgrades.


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