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BC build
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Author:  cloaked [ 23 Jan 2011, 02:14 ]
Post subject:  BC build

Somehow this isn't posted anywhere, yet I've been using it for the last 4 years. So figured its time to post it.

Whenever I want to make bc, my build order goes like this:
[wait till adv is 1/4 done]
[wait till cap fac is like 40% done]
research:imp sy
(sell res)
(sell cap)

If you want the fastest one man bc to skrew your opponent, then make 4 colls on cc and 2 colls on ms. You start your hyp mod at exactly 2:05, and your sy at exactly 3:35 - bc will be out at 9:40.

If i want more colls, I just delay my research mod by a min or so. I think you can get like 20 colls, and still get bc at 10:40.

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