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 Post subject: 2 vs 3 (or 4) Build
PostPosted: 25 Jan 2010, 04:05 
Evil Soul

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I've been doing 2v3/2v4 for two years now with Finger, and this is the best build we've come up with.

Map: Crimson Bond, Cloaked pos3, Finger pos1, both hiig

ms(pos3):5colls,res mod,cap fac
cc(pos3):1scout,2colls, (after res mod done) pass cc(pos3) to Fin [unlocks mods]
pass 1k ru to Clo
ms(pos1):2colls, pass to Clo
cc(pos1):1scout,2colls,move to pos2 ms spot(in 2v4, Fin has to move his cc to the pos1 cc spot until we can pfft the pos2 player)
(after recieving Clo's cc) pass cc(pos1) to Clo
upon receiving Fin's cc(pos1), pass it back to Fin [to unlock mods]
ms(pos1):3colls, adv mod
ms(pos3):que hyp mod
get 18colls
pass 500ru's to cloaked
cc(pos1):gw mod, frig mod
cc(pos3):(after gw done) start frig mod
after done building collectors, transfer colls so that clo has 9 colls on both ms patches, and finger has 8 colls on both cc patches
ms(pos3):(after hyp mod done) build 2 sy's
(after adv is done) research sy imp, bc tech, pass ms(pos1) adv to Fin, sell ms(pos3)cap fac
pass first sy to Fin
(after receiving adv)usually build some flak, then switch to 2x fighters
(after receiving sy)builds sy cap fac, moves sy under ms(pos3)[to use ms(pos3) cloak mod], then passes sy back to Clo
(after receiving sy back)pass sy back to Fin [to unlock bc tech]
(after second sy is done)build sy cap fac, move sy above ms(pos3)[to use ms(pos3) cloak mod]
ms(pos3):cloak mod
take pos2 cc patch and max colls, (if vs swarm team, share pos1 cc spot w/ Clo)
build bc
set sy rally point to ms(pos3)[to use ms hyp mod]
take pos1 cc patch and max colls
build bc
set sy rally point to ms(pos3)[to use ms hyp mod]
build 2x dd, or 2x ints, or 2x pulsar, or 2x adv frigs
get all bc upgrades(with ru transfer from Fin)
get fct's on bc's
pass ms(pos1) adv to Fin whenever he needs to do research

-Fin's early gw +2x adv frigs allows him to stop hypertorps easily.
-If the 3 team all swarm us, I hold off on sy spam to go 3x flak with Fin, and then we switch to ints or pulsar.
-If the 3 team all hypercap us, then I'll research dd tech and ms imp (instead of sy imp, and bc tech). Fin will be on 2x adv frigs and I'll build 1 sy, and then go tripple dd (switching into bc/sy spam as soon as possible).
-If the 3 team does tripple dd(one guy has all 3 ms), then Fin has to drop an mob, and move his cc gw to mid. This slows the tripple dd team down a ton, and allows time for our 2 bc's to finish and win.
-If the 3 team sits back and builds bc's then we have to rely on our micro to win. We'll typically attack with at 14mins, with 4 bc landing at pos6, 4 dd landing at pos5, and 28ints + flak to support.
-If its 2v4 we just hope they noob their units enough to let us win, lol.


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