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 Post subject: some theoretical vaygr ownage plan
PostPosted: 18 Aug 2007, 12:31 

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that i just wrote a year and a half ago lol, that's been a while... i just dug from the old demon forum archive finger still got a hold of...

but im just pasting it... still sounds like a sane one, even though i never tried it.

dont know why i never even seen a game someone do this.
but here goes. oh and its based on cb like maps.

us 3 vaygr vs 3 victims

we just pump small[fighter/vette/frig] like hell, taking control of small anything below cap ship size, u cant really lose. even if u see a few bc and dd floating around.

it depends what the victims are doing but if they are slow, everyone get around over 16 cols, so 1 goes 1 fs 2 cc, if one can go max col toward side or even mid patch, u go 1 fs 3 cc.

literally, vaygr sucks on cap ships, it costs like hell, so u forget about it, but just max out on small completely.

if 2 guys go 1 fs 3 cc and another go 1 fs 2 cc, u end up pumping small stuff from 11 prod ships.

the good thing about completely owning small is if u got half a dozen missile vette left for spare, u just wipe cols one by one, and they're done.

and vaygr can rip anything but bc and dd quickly, so i see the problem with angle dd and fast bc or perhaps ms transfer double/triple dd, but we can pump hmf like crap in that case too, though if they use dff, spot and trash quick with laser.

but if someone goes fast bc, that means if all 3 vaygr goes a fast move, they're done anyway. angle dd, prolly bombers with infiltators considering the team isnt ass not to get hyper sensor and deploy few infil and few bombers waiting for incoming dd in the back, if their ms is gone somewhere near our base. And just to note infil with level 2 just kicks ass.

and another thing to note is get the role layed out, so only u do 1 type or at most 2 types of ship upgrade to possibly level 2, and just pass, especially only 1 guy needs to make emp research done and pump 12 scouts and pass 4 each, in case they're coming to block ur swarm.

someone wanna try? i think they won't have time to build bc with this...
there's a little variation to this, if 1 player goes hig give 1 vaygr col transfer, and sit back care for angle dd, or if its not coming, help forward later on.

vaygr is all about saving money, and when u do it good, its a better race. so sell cap fac when u done making cc, only upgrade ur own role race etc, cheap cc helps with this one. oh and 1 guy can become the cc factory and keep passing cc.

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