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 Post subject: tricky MF in shield 1v1
PostPosted: 30 Oct 2007, 14:49 

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I encountered a very tricker mutherfucker in a game on shield today. I went 14 collectors and dropped a refinery at my ms patch and moved up I left 8 at the ms patch 6 at my expansion and went double fighters. My opponent went like 12 collectors 4!! refineries at his ms patch. He got 2 fighters mods pumped like 3 or 4 bombers he got his res mod and 2 plat modules. The second I saw him doing a few bombers and plats I moved my 7 completed intie units and killed the bombers and went in and killed 1 collector at a time. Because thats I could kill before his 4 refineries and point defense guns would own me. So I would go in kill one dock etc...etc.. The whole while I got some torps and upgraded them I thought I might overpower him but his ion plats (he made no gun plats) owned my torps. And got my CC to like 5% life but I managed to get a cloak mod and a hyper mod and jumped it back a ways while I move my MS away under cloak. And now Im getting ion frigs and moving them out of range of his ion plats. All the while Im moving in and trying to take out 1 collector at a time. He got me down to like 4 fighter units and I docked them. By now Ive got about 11 ions completed and he has to build a collector here and there to replace the ones I got one by one. And Im not sure if he thought I was tatally out of fighters but he launched some bombers at my capships and I owned em with my 4 inties. Sim,ultaneously he moved his full ion plat group in on me. He attacked my now uncloaked MS with them hitting the engines and then attacking the hull I got a lvl1 armor upgrade for my MS and an FCT. So my ions were able to pwn those plats. His full ion plat group got my MS with lvl1 armor down to like 40% and thats after he disabled its engines too. He built a frig mod on MS and got a couple of torps too for some reason. So I moved in killed his CC and any new plats he got and then pwned his MS and GG.

The whole deal was I feel he was trying to be tricky and crafty. And here Ill list the sneaky things he did.

1.)He pumped very bombers at the start to make me keep pumping inties I think. This move was too noobish of him in comparison to the rest of his plan so i think this was an intentional move to mislead me.

2.)Then he got plat module which compelled me to believe he was getting them for anti fighter support since he lost his bombers and I got the fighter battles upper hand.

3.)He went 12 collectors and 4 refineries so his collectors would possibly be safe from my inties with 4 refineries + CCs pd guns + MS pd guns he had a formidable anti fighter screen so thats why I had to take out one of his collector at a time and dock so often.

4.)right when he owned my frigs he got the frig mod which I believe he meant to get advanced res mod to get marines but I had gnawed enough of his collectors away he was strapped for cash. Because with me having a very badly damaged CC a vulnerable MS and like 5 inties if he would have had the frig facilities and advanced res mod he would have had me.

So he thought he had the setup of having enough anti fighter cover at his only patch to ward me off. Enough Ion plats to own me when I attacked (whick I did and almost got pwned). Bombers to slow me down and kill mods that allowed me to escape, and I know he was trying to get marines it would have been the perfect move if he would have had money. He gave the appearance of being weak early on which enticed me to attack early just like he wanted. I know the key factor was my ability to move in a very small force of inties (like 7 units) and make 2 passes at a collector to kill it, which I did like 4 or 5 times. So he had to keep replacing collectors and not produce combat units slowing him down enough for the win.

*NOTE* I know yall will ask why didnt he grav? or why didnt he get anti cloak sensors? I believe he didnt because he was so strapped for cash. I got my cloak mod on my CC and then my hyper mod followed like 20 seconds later on my MS. I was at like 5% health on my CC and I managed to cloak and then I jumped it back and turned my cloaked MS back towards home.

Sorry for the length and complexity of this post but the game surprised the hell out of me and it was a formidable strategy. I can see how it could have worked if I hadnt been on my toes.

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 Post subject: Re: tricky MF in shield 1v1
PostPosted: 01 Nov 2007, 07:37 

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wow..never heard of that move before?

that was his username anyways?

That 1 patch strat thing seemed interesting, but rus get critical

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