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 Post subject: when u have a guy with only 6 cols in ur team...
PostPosted: 06 Oct 2007, 13:21 

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basically, going slow and building up is out of option but push other side with early cap ships and just force win before they realize our 3rd guy is a total ru wasting newb...

and game starts... me + viper30 (some semi skilled dude) + V-something (our 6 col guy) vs devildog-sf + tayos + choppedliver in cb.

i just hopped in the game thinking my team is quite random but as game starts our pos 6 dude sits in single patch, does not move a damn of either his ms/cc and not even any extra col and starts doing some slow fighters... while viper at pos girl goes to second patch and kind of builds semi ok...

now obviously at least other side takes 2 patches each or more and the game already looks bad, so first thing in my mind is a torp, to just slow dog from going early bc. now i just did my typical 4 min torp and found tayos at pos 2 was slow about getting grav and my torp lands on dog, but tayos already had a bomber or 2 and it went dead after taking 2 or 3 cols out of dog, which was kind of good that it did some job and i never sent anymore but sold frig mod and went to think about angle dd next while trying to prepare for bc.

since things had to be done fast, i only went 14 cols on 2 patches sticking 6 cols on secondary and getting sy while trying to build dd up. i then, probed a few to them and found no grav on dog and gave him a dd near his patch, but somehow it hit a grav somewhere nearby, so it didn't land directly on his patch but was good enough to have his col run out after taking a few dead and even moving to his other patch killing 1 or 2 col and made them run. i saw double sy, but that certainly slowed dog down with his bc.

now luckily viper did his bc as well while buidling other stuff and made one up at about same time as me, while i sold cc to have some ru for bc upgrade. forgot the total detail but i sent my bc somewhere near mid which hit a grav of tayos' cc or something that was roaming near mid of map but kept moving in and dog sent his in to fight mine and viper had his bc sent but it was heading toward tayos' ms near mid instead of engaging dog's bc... but i had dog's bc dead with more hull and turning around and then they send in another but now viper finally helps on the bc and we had a bit of bc push and pull for a moment, but since i always had 1 more hull level than they did, i started to win on the bc side with another angle dd on dog's patch.

dog sent in 2 or 3 marines on my dd behind his patch but when it got mounted, i hypered another dd in and pffted the marine, making dog upset that his frigs couldnt do any better than getting pffted 1 by 1. and later on i even sent in another dd and 3 dd just got unstoppable behind his ass and really raped his patch while our bc just kept pushing in and tayos' cols on 2 patches with mobs just had to run somewhere. now our bc just kept digging in and in and dog went 'gg'.

but before then, our 6 col mate syncs before actually doing anything notable and went home feeling his silent victory...
dunno how viper managed the swarm, or they didnt use them proper at all and our big ship just screwed them before they had a chance to take our 6 col guy advantage... lol. gg...

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 Post subject: Re: when u have a guy with only 6 cols in ur team...
PostPosted: 06 Oct 2007, 16:17 
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That sucks. It pisses me off when you tell them to build more collecters, expand mining and they still don't do it. lol

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 Post subject: Re: when u have a guy with only 6 cols in ur team...
PostPosted: 08 Oct 2007, 05:10 

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ya that was a gg

as for the 6 col people, sometimes they dont listen/or talk but its best to re-do unless you think you got a shot of winning

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