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with xeno bro
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Author:  Hideki [ 02 Sep 2007, 17:45 ]
Post subject:  with xeno bro

since happy went smoking afk 1 hour, we had a game without 1 of the xeno bro.
it was first time to actually play with end-xeno than try to screw each others daily.

me (vay) + sadend (hig) + spawn(hig. french guy. not the spawn nub clan member) vs thomas-aod (vay) + sfu-aod (hig)+ star|tfl (hig) in tfl sarum badlands

we saw 4 fighter mods, so naturally i went double fighters while sad also went double fighters. spawn goes res mod for later advanced frigs while star was also going res mod for advanced frigs.

we built fighters and kept sitting on patches. i go 14 cols planning to go 16 later on for triple pump. no one attacked early, but i saw star approach to my cc with his cc and got a frig mod looking like he wanted to give me torps. so just in case, i build 2 bombers and hid them in back. but somehow i saw no torp coming. now sad had sfu so close as sfu's second patch was about as close as being sad's second patch. we started fighting with fighters near sad sfu and started killing each others. star actually came up with flaks in that instead of giving me torps, so we had to move away. now star and sfu started ganging on sad like mad and spawn was slowly moving up to help him with frigs.

i was like, just sitting on my patch peacefully as i semi managed swarm and i had no one coming in while sad was on a hot moment trying to marine sfu but getting doubled to lose them. so i just woke up and went 'oh he needs lasers...' and built some and passed to him. i went triple pump lasers for a moment since they had plenty ions bunched up, but since thomas came up with missiles, i had to switch to missiles later on.

with help of spawn and some lasers, sad actually lives and got sfu semi screwed while i kept pumping missiles to stop their missile from toasting our lasers. and then, we just boomed up sfu and finished the game. GG.

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