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The horror
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Author:  Hand [ Sun Mar 16, 2008 7:12 pm ]
Post subject:  The horror

TFL-CallToArms_Expert, me/Igbo/tata vs. Cloaked/Zippo/RashMatash:

Igbo and Zippo facing each other in front, Cloaked and I on sides, Rash and tata in back positions (see screenshot). I say I'm getting adv frigs, Igbo says he's taking middle, tata says he'll get Ints to support. Igbo and Zip meet in middle, I drop mobs, start driving MS/CC to mid, and send marines towards Zip. Rash jumps MS/CC to mid to help Zip. I'm not exactly sure what Igbo and Zippo were building at first, but Igbo has bombers when Rash jumps in. Because Rash has more yummy mods and facs than Zippo, I retarget marines to Rash's CC and get grav to block his escape. For the next few minutes Rash hypers in grav like a madman. I ask Igbo a good half dozen times to strip Rash's CC hype mod so I can finish capture, but Silent|Xeno ignores me and kills literally every mod and fac except the one that matters. I wind up toasting Rash's CC with ions, and then switch marines to his MS, which he scuttles (3v2 now, yay!). Zippo retreats from mid. Cloaked says "gg".

And the nightmare begins.

Cloaked seems to have gone 3 patches from the start and has early SY. He gets BC not long after Rash dies (12:44) and jumps it halfway to mid. At this time I am on double ion, single dd build, tata is on triple or quad pulsars, and Igbo on god only knows what. For some reason I'm basically the only one in middle even though Igbo said he was going there from the start. Igbo's MS is still in back. Tata drops mobs, but he stops moving caps ships forward and sits MS and 2-3 CCs behind Igbo's back patch.

I give all ions to tata, and we send his frigs, my marines and my first DD to kill the BC. Cloaked has some ions and a dd there, but that shouldn't be enough to save his nubcruiser. A min or two later I see all tata's ions are dead, and BC is very red, but ... not dead like it's supposed to be. 2nd BC jump in before 1st croaks.

Igbo says we should run. I am thinking, "we have 8-9 build ships and full patches, mid is grav-ed, why aren't we stomping Cloaked with mass ions/dds?" I finally do have to run MS/CCs from mid because no one else seems to making anything larger than vettes. I rebuild ARM, start BC research and get SY.

Tata now gives me Ints, which I use to strip Cloaked's SY cap fac. I do this 2-3 times over next 10 min despite lots of SY jumping and cloaking. Eventually I lose most of the fighters to C's flaks.

All this time Igbo still has a good number of bombers sitting at home. I suggest that he use them to help stop BC production. He says "no, wait." When Cloaked moves two BCs past mid towards me, Igbo sends bombers to kill engines and top ion on front BC. Then igbo says, "I stripped the BCs, move in!" I have maybe a dozen ions and 2 dds, and Cloaked has 75% healthy BCs, ions and one or two dds lurking around ...

Tata sends his pulsars to hit cols, and then transfers to me.. C/Zip just make torps and pfft the vettes. Tata then makes another pulsar fleet ...

At the same time that BCs are moving slowly to me, 4-5 dds attack Igbo's MS patch. He has finally switched from bombers to ions, but has nowhere near enough to defend his position, so he jumps MS into sky and builds SY.

I get first BC about when 3 enemy BCs reach my SY. All my caps die except for one remaining CC that had moved away early, and I jump it behind Cloaked to Rash's original patches, and get another SY.

Igbo loses his one and only BC somewhere, and asks to surrender, but other team doesn't answer him.

The other team eventually figures out where I am and puts me out of my misery.

Afterwards I ask Igbo why he didn't kill Rash's hype mod so I could cap him. Igbo says "I must have missed the hype mod," and "my bombers were on red, so I had to dock." If Rash loses hype mod, either I take his MS/CC or he has to scuttle minutes earlier. If he does the latter, I can switch marines to Zip before he gets away.

F*ck you, Cloaked, and well done. :D I would post the stats, but then I would have to shoot myself. If Cloaked posts them, he will pay dearly.

Author:  CPU1 [ Sun Mar 16, 2008 8:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The horror

We want the stats.

Author:  Hideki [ Sun Mar 16, 2008 11:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The horror

yes we want the stats. but i dunno why u're f**king cloaked instead of ig**.
but wheres our famous forumla of 'ig** + bc = i cap all ur bcs!'?

Author:  cloaked [ Mon Mar 17, 2008 3:55 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The horror

I can't take screenshots of the hw2 stats unless i'm playing in 'windowed mode, but kills were somin like 45/40/20 for Finger/tata/igbo, 2 for rash, another 111 for zip, and I had some rediculous 287, game was an hour long.

My team prolly woulda done better if rash woulda told me he was jumping to the middle, I woulda obvously said 'don't jump, they have bombers'. lol, Or even after he jumped and got marined, he didn't ask for a cc till it was too late, so we lost all his colls/ru when he died. Was a funny game tho. :)

Author:  Azrael [ Wed Mar 19, 2008 1:56 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The horror

Igbo is simply a noob. Never play with him unless you have to.

Author:  Hideki [ Thu Mar 20, 2008 1:02 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The horror

Not just a noob, but he has his own style :lol:

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