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 Post subject: Impossible Win
PostPosted: 27 Dec 2009, 14:18 
Evil Soul

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Map: Red October
me / Tata vs Britai / NuterX


This was the rematch. Last game NuterX hypercaped Tata w/ swarm support from Britai, and we lost in 15mins. I honestly didn't expect to do much better in the rematch, Britai and NuterX are both great players and Tata is Tata. :)

All hiig except Britai, I go dd, rest go fighters. Britai tries to strip my cap fac w/ bombers, but i get teh cloak mod just in time and Tata arrives to pfft Britai's bombers. NuterX was sleeping on swarm and arrived late, but now swarm is 2v1 and Tata loses all his ints. I get some flak on my cc, as my dd pops out.

I start walking my first dd over to Britai w/ flak escorts. But now Britai has lzr... For the next 10mins I keep sending dd to Britai to pressure him. He's forced to stick all his lzr on my dd's to keep them from destroying his ru patch. This buys me time to produce torps, which I use to slowly kill his lzr swarm from a distance. After losing 3 dd to lzr, I finally soften up the lzr enough to get 2 dd (on red/yellow health...) into Britai's base. I kill a bunch of colls with my dd before Britai cloaks his ms/cc, and finishes off my 2 dd.

Meanwhile NuterX has built sy, and has built 3 dd. Tata has rebuilt his int plus 3 bombers and uses them to strip NuterX's ms and sy cap fac's. This ends up delaying NuterX's bc significantly! Unfortunately Britai/NuterX then rape Tata's swarm, and NuterX jumps 3dd into Tata's base (no gw). Tata dies at 18mins...

Now I'm looking at a 1v2, and someone said 'gg'. But at my base I've got 20colls, 10 torps, 2 flak, 2 dd, and I've got a bc at 90% in my sy. I'm not ready to die yet, so I say 'play on'. NuterX starts walking the 3 dd that just killed tata to my base, and then the game totally changes course. My bc finishes, and I jump it infront of my base right in the path of NuterX's 3 dd's. The 3 dd keep walking in, and my bc kills one before the dd get in range of my bc. The other 2 dd try to run, but my bc/2dd kill them. My bc is now sitting just to the right of the middle of the map, so I decide to walk my bc/dd and half my torps accross the map to NuterX. I figured my bc was a bit closer to NuterX, and if I was going to have any chance to win the game, I was going to have to kill NuterX's sy while I had a capital ship advantage.

NuterX has one bc and one dd and attacks my first bc/2dd. Meanwhile Britai sends his fighters/bombers/prox to my base to strip my sy. Thanfully my next bc finishes just before he arrives. He strips my cap fac, but only after I kill a good # of fighters with my 2 flak and the other half of my huge torp army. At NuterX's base my 1st bc has turned red, but then I jump in my 2nd bc and kill NuterX's bc. :) After stripping my cap fac, Britai sent his swarm to kill my bc/dd engines tho, so I couldn't move my caps into NuterX's base.

Then I see 2 fleets of lzr moving towards my bc... Lucky me, they are moving towards my red bc, and not my torps - even better though, the two fleets are separated by a good distance. From the first group I killed about 6 lzr while they finished off my red bc. After the first group of lzr targeted my torps - I pulled my lv2 speed torps back and killed the rest of the first fleet of lzr losing only one torp! By the time the 2nd fleet of lzr arrived it was 12 lzr vs 21 lv2 torps, I spread my torps out and pulled them away from the lzr, attempting to maintain a sphear of torps around the lzr group. I only lost maybe 5 more torps to the lzr.

Soon I have my 3rd bc finished after rebuilding my cap fac. I jump it and move in with 15 imp-torps hoping to kill NuterX's sy and win the game here. Unfortunately my 2nd bc's engines are dead so its sitting a little ways outside of NuterX's base. I start attacking NuterX's sy just as he finishes a bc. I got the sy down to half health, before NuterX cloaked it. Now NuterX has one bc and one dd and does a pro move by targeting my torps just as a dozen bombers from Britai arrive. I retarget my torps on the bombers, and kill maybe 6 bombers. My bc's get completely stripped tho, and I lose all of my torps. NuterX spends the next few min's killing my two green bc with his one bc. I felt like I just stumbled and fell flat on my face in front of the finish line... Now NuterX is about 2mins ahead of me on the bc build, and the only advantage Tata left me with by stripping NuterX's cap facs is gone.

Not giving up tho, I stop making dd/frigs, and I start producing double int>pulsar on ms/cc (both w/ imp production). I get my 4th bc at base, and I jump it to Britai and imediately get a gw on it. I know NuterX will only have one bc for the next two minutes, so there's still hope! I march into Britai's base with 1 bc and 2 dd, and a few torp/flak. NuterX's bc was a wayz away from his sy hyp mod (he had to move out to kill my 2nd bc w/ dead engines/ion-turrets) so he couldn't jump his bc to help Britai before I got my bc gw up. Britai runs his 2 cc's to NuterX's base but his ms is dead in the water. Britai also tried sending his colls to tata's old position. But I had a probe waiting for just that, so I jumped 2 torps and posted a no harvesting sign.

I chase Britai over to NuterX's base where a big battle is soon to go down. I attack with 2 bc w/ fcts, 2 dd, full int, full pulsar, and a couple flak/torp. NuterX/Britai have 2 bc, full lzr, full fighters, plus lots of bombers waiting. NuterX got one of his bc a little in front of the other so I manuevered to win the bc fight by one green bc. I lost all my fighters, but with 1bc/2dd/12pulsar/frigs left over from the fight I was able to clean out Britai and NuterX to win the game at 47mins. =)

30mins of skilled 1v2 is no easy feat - this has got to be one my very best comebacks evar. Britai and NuterX both made some mistakes that added up to give me a chance, but I felt like I had to play perfect to grab this win.

here's the stats: ... leWin1.jpg ... leWin2.jpg


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 Post subject: Re: Impossible Win
PostPosted: 28 Dec 2009, 01:52 

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gud stuff m8

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