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 Post subject: Mat's & Folko's holiday project
PostPosted: 29 Apr 2008, 10:27 
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Those of you, who I talk on MSN with, will be familiar with Mat - kid whom I met while working in facility that helps young people.

After months, and now it's years since we knew each other, we grew really close. And we both learned alot. Mat changed during this time. From the scared and unstable child that used to toss other kids around and cry when he couldn't do simplest thing - to smart boy who understands how to interact with other people, and futhermore understands that to achieve something in life, lots of work is needed. And he is working alright. (Now, he's no angel, but he's like every other 10yo now, maybe bit more realistic or pessimistic cuz of his life standards and situation, but it's HUGE progress).

I had idea since some time, to do something big for him, while he still is the kid. Because later when he grows up, he will work and will have money to fulfill his needs, but it will be too late for real advantures and fun.

And so the idea of sending Mat to camp started. Of course there are free trips like these, organized by social help etc., even our facility is organizing one. It's fun really. I think at least. But it's still same place year after year. It's same kids, and same staff. I'm not talking about boredom aspect here. I'm talking about the situation where Mat effectively never has a chance to make friends with kids his age that are not in same or worst situation then him. To make friends with 'normal' kids with 'normal' families. To look up and discover the fact that having room on your own, and working computer and one bed for every family member is normal. And this is my purpose for the whole thing, aside from sheer fun aspect.

Now we get to obstacles

To ensure Mat won't be pointed at when he arrives, it's not only enough for me to pay for the camp. There's alot more. Clothes are needed, from t-shirts, trunks, swimming trunks, shoes - 2 pairs at least looking at what he got now, socks, underwear, even sunglasses to provide some comfort, pocket money obviously. And here is when it's getting too much for me.

I'm starting found rising action among my friends, hopefully I'll get needed amount, and this can be done smoothly. Also, some of u guys PMed me before, offering help. I was refusing this, this time I won't So if you still intrested in this, let me know plz. This time every bit counts.

This is what I've done so far:
1. Talk with Mat and get him to agree - done
2. Talk with his dad - done
3. Talk with camp organizator - done

At this moment paperwork is in progress. Mat is getting opinions from his school etc.

I'll keep you updated about how it goes.


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 Post subject: Re: Mat's & Folko's holiday project
PostPosted: 13 May 2008, 02:46 

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gl on the venture dude, atm i dont have any disposable money to contribute cause im jobless. but i wish you the best bud

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