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 Post subject: wow, I forgot, but i think i used to be a complete Noob!
PostPosted: 25 Sep 2007, 07:16 
Evil Soul

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So I was shuffling through some old files when i came across a text file titled: hw2strats.txt dated March '07. As i open it up i'm hit w/ a blast from the past. My good 'ol Destroyer & Battlecruiser Rush (for shield map 22min victory!). LOL! :D I had the whole uber complex build wrote out and everything! From the looks of it, i was building gunplats, missle corvs, and 1 dd to defend while i pumped out a vaygr bc! :lol: OMG, i mean look at this hulk of a build!
(carrier)reasearch-mod>>4-res-coll>>platform-mod>>(flagship)cap-facility>>3-mobile-refinerys>>2-res-coll(reserch)hyperspace-gates>>destroyer(flagship)hyperspace-mod-MOVE carrier & 5 res-coll & 1 control to extended res pocket(carrier)10-gun-platforms
(flagship)shipyard>>9-destroyers(1-destroyer priority!)(research)corvett-chasis
(shipyard)capital-fac>>9-battlecruiser>>-hold capital ships in reserve behind carrier-PROBE (OMG I'm not total noob after all!!! :D) & wait for attack then attack carrier>shipyard>mothership(research)repair(carrier)4-res-coll(assine to repair)(battlecruiser)cloak-mod

lol, atleast my pride was some-what lifted when i saw a much better int/missle plat strat all wrote out. This one atleast has me building some int, and as i recal, i won a good number of games w/ this strat. lol, i might just pull it out against some average clan dudes and see if i can win a game w/ it. hehe

1v1 Sheild Map
-2x ResColl
*Send Carrier above enemy MS
-25x MissPlat
-Scout (OMG, Fucking scout! haha I'm uber skilled now bitches! :D )
-8x Attack Fighters
*Send Scout to hide under enemy MS
-PlatSheild 1
*Send 13 MissPlat & 8 Attack Fighters to enemy MS
*Start Planning for endgame, don't concentrate on battle
-30 MissFrig
*Send 10 MissFrigs to enemy carrier and await Victory message :twisted:


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