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hyperspace/collector/sensor dist probe
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Author:  Hideki [ 15 Feb 2008, 00:45 ]
Post subject:  hyperspace/collector/sensor dist probe

1. Hyperspaceing. From what i've seen so far this seems to be WAY under used. In HW1 it just cost to damn much to jump so it was never used unless you just somehow ended up with way to much ru for some reason. HWC is was used for spot jumping workers(collectors) to keep them alive on early worker strikes. But in HW2 the cost is next to nothing, especially for tatical jumps (less than 1k) to say quickly get your bc repostioned behind a group of frigs or level with DDs positioned above.

it is used well, where required, like jumping bc and dd and torps. but i see some people jump frigs way too often its a total loss of ru. jumping 3 flaks needs about 1500 ru, and if you keep jumping frigs, you can definately buy a new bc. instead of jumping everything, jump or walk the production ships. it brings up grav and docking point for quick recovery and reinforcements.

2. Collector repair. Does this just suck so bad that the research and effort to use it is that much less effective than what those collectors could be doing collection wise? There is no other way to repair a frig or cap is there?

people don't really use this one, as you should rather keep building new ships than recover a few half dead frigs. and usually they don't end up sitting in quiet location after getting half toast where cols can fix without interruption, if they do, you could use a few cols, but the amount of ru spent on fixing a dd back to full health may as well be amount of a whole new dd, but then again, it can be worth while if you know when to use. fixing bc takes ages.

3. sensor distortion probe. does this thing work as advertised? what else does it do? how are it's effects countered if at all. "scrambles enemies sensors isn't a good discription"

it hides small ships other than cap ships. if you have this and have fighter and vettes and frigs around, enemy cant see them, unless they toss a proxy or get real close with a ship. it also has the biggest sensor radius in the game, so, some people just use it as a bigger version of a probe or hide the far patch harvesting cols, but imo, if you toss a probe to figure out how many ru is left on a rock, hiding cols donesn't work since you can see the amount of ru left on a rock is decreasing without seeing anything attached on it.

you need to put probes up and down at your base to spot a well placed sensor dist probe in your base, but if you're good at placing probe in your base, tossing sensor dist is a big waste of ru, as it needs 500-800 ru for research and each costs a nice 500 ru, which means, you will need at least 2000 ru to toss a few and if enemy owns them, you just missed upgrading a bc to level 2. but mileage may vary.

Author:  ratamaq [ 15 Feb 2008, 18:49 ]
Post subject:  Re: hyperspace/collector/sensor dist probe

Seems like i aread in an FAQ somewhere that the dist probe gave back false returns. Does that include the illusion of more units that what is actuall present, or is it just a FOW device to mask presents. also can the enemy see the probe itself without a proxie? if not it seems like it would work well as a cloked probe.

Author:  Hideki [ 15 Feb 2008, 23:55 ]
Post subject:  Re: hyperspace/collector/sensor dist probe

there's no such thing as illusions created by dist probe... that faq must be from another game...
as for probe itself, it can be seen by a regular probe, otherwise you can never find it.

Author:  ratamaq [ 18 Feb 2008, 21:37 ]
Post subject:  Re: hyperspace/collector/sensor dist probe

Does it work while traveling? This would only be useful if moved at the same time as a hyperspace gate, but since they move at the same seed i wonder.

Another thing about hyperspace gates, I haven't used them yet but ciiw it cost nothing to move as many of your ships from point A to point B correct?, If so a few things,

1. can a hig player also use the gates cost free?
2. can a vag player jump hig ships he owns?

and a question about jumping in general, does the gravewell only effect the spear it covers from a landing zone? in other words is it possible to jump thru a gw if your landing far enuf behind it or will it stop you where the sphere begins?

Author:  CPU1 [ 19 Feb 2008, 05:29 ]
Post subject:  Re: hyperspace/collector/sensor dist probe

Distortion probe does move the same speed as the hypergates, it does work when it travels, and it has been used for that purpose before in games.

There are no limitations on which or whose ships can use the hypergates, with the exception of all supercapital ships, carriers, and probes.

Jumping via a hypergate is identical in function to jumping using a hyperspace mod(except it doesn't cost you any ru), so every ship hitting the grav sphere will exit the hyperspace at that point and lose 30% of its health. This is the major reason why they are almost never used in games. About the only real use I can think of for the hypergates is defending or moving your resource patches on bigger maps.

Author:  ratamaq [ 19 Feb 2008, 06:20 ]
Post subject:  Re: hyperspace/collector/sensor dist probe

They link in pairs yes? If this is a simple enuf process couldn't you shoot out 3 of them leave one at your base and angle hop your whole fleet behind your enemy? And do didn't answer the question about if an alied hig can use the gates cost free. if not he transfer to the vag just for the jump. I bet there is alot of fun stuff that can be done with these things.

BTW dude thanks again for taking the time to answer these questions. I feel like you guys have helped me cram about 3 months worth of knowledge in my head in 2 weeks. games are starting to get really fun and i think i'm defanatly gonna become a regular on gamespy. I'll do my part to try and catch other newbies up following this same path.

Author:  Hideki [ 19 Feb 2008, 06:58 ]
Post subject:  Re: hyperspace/collector/sensor dist probe

they link in pair, to make 3 exits, u need 3 entrances, and a link cost is 1000 each, you can re-link gates though, but thats another 1k. hig can use it, they all hyper up to dd for free.

gate's idea sounds interesting at first glance, but too much limitation on it really, they should've really balanced the gate and it should've been quite an addition.
like cpu1 describes, grav just stops everything, and even fighters/vettes do get damaged by the grav well, which means, easier cake for flaks and pulsors. and then, you can't relocate the gate unless u deploy another, so, once other side knows the exit, you're pretty much owned hard once u get to exit, since it takes what? some semi 15 seconds to get out of hyper space effect, when they can emp lance and screw them up...

and again, hyperspace sensor will tell u all the travelling, which means, if u use it for once, (which is so obvious seeing dozen hyper signature going on at same location), the gate is done. they can wait near the gate with sensor dist... they can just own the gate (which is instant 1750 ru damage)... put a grav on the way... and the cost of setting up a single working gate is some 4k ru for real (research 750, a plat mod 625, 2 gates 1500, opening 1000), and vaygr needs it for something else...

too bad its too nerfed.
if it cant be trapped by grav... if it cant be followed by hyper sensor, if it only needs 2k to set up a gate... finally, it makes some good use...
and i think dd doesnt have to be able to jump via this gate, it's like tossing dd in a fishnet...

Author:  CPU1 [ 19 Feb 2008, 11:16 ]
Post subject:  Re: hyperspace/collector/sensor dist probe

I did answer it, but maybe I wasn't clear enough :

CPU1 wrote:
There are no limitations on which or whose ships can use the hypergates, with the exception of all supercapital ships, carriers, and probes.

In case you haven't built hyperspace sensors : they detect every sinlge hyperjump on the entire map and provide you with audible queue, as well as with the hyperjump paths as long as you're viewing the map in the sensor manager.

And in case Hideki confused you, destroyers do jump via hypergates.

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